Agriwaterpedia Agricultural Water Management platform
California Polytechnic State University Advanced Pumping Efficiency e-Learning Tutorials

Irrigation Training Short Courses

Colorado Water Institute, Colorado State University Case Studies for Those Considering Agricultural Water Conservation in the Colorado River Basin
Kansas State University Water Quiz Master
Montana State University Extension Water and Solute Transport in Soils, module#4

Plant Water Relations, module #5

National Corn Growers Association NCGA Water Issues Learning Module
Network of Conservation Educators & Practitioners Exploring the Colorado River Basin: An Interactive Water Management Exercise
New Mexico State University Farmington Agricultural Science Center YouTube Video on Low Pressure Drip Irrigation System
Northern Plains and Mountains Regional Water Program Continuing Education Study Materials for Certified Crop Advisors

  1. Irrigation Management with Limited Water
  2. Choosing Crops Suited to Limited Irrigation
  3. Assessing the Suitability of Water (Quality) for Irrigation – Salinity and Sodium
  4. Limited Irrigation of Alfalfa in the Great Plains and Intermountain West
NRCS Irrigation Training Toolbox
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Irrigation Energy Webinar Series
Texas A&M School of Irrigation Irrigation Technology Program
Texas Water Resources Institute Irrigation Training Program
The Water Stewardship Project YouTube Video on Rainwater Catchment and Water Recycling

YouTube Video on Dry Farming

YouTube Video on Keyline Design

YouTube Video on Farm Ponds

YouTube Video on Precision Irrigation

University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Conservation Agriculture Cropping Systems Innovation (CASI) YouTube series:

  1. Introduction to Conservation Agriculture Cropping Systems
  2. The Value of Residues in Conservation Agriculture Systems
  3. Conservation Agriculture in Tomato Production Systems
  4. Conservation agriculture in dairy silage production systems
  5. Minimum tillage systems
  6. Merging conservation tillage with overhead irrigation
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Irrigation Home Study Course
Water Education Foundation From the Imperial Dam to the Salton Sea: The Story of Imperial Valley’s Water