The Agricultural Water Conservation Clearinghouse (AWCC) addresses agricultural water conservation globally, incorporating various climates with a focus on arid and semi-arid areas in the Western United States. The AWCC is continuously growing, and its reach continues to multiply. By cultivating this growth, the vision of the AWCC is to include even more water conserving practices in agriculture across the world.

Project Goals

  • INCREASE access to information helping to build collaborative relationships between and among agencies regional and nation-wide
  • PROVIDE technical expertise regarding agricultural water conservation
  • CIRCULATE materials on the management, policies, and laws surrounding agricultural water conservation

What is Ag Water Conservation?

  • Increased crop water use efficiency
  • Improved irrigation application efficiency
  • Increased capture and utilization of precipitation
  • Decreased crop consumptive use
  • Increased irrigation water diversion and delivery efficiencies
  • Reduced water use through adoption of conservation measures and new technologies for water management

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